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US West Coast, United States

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Rainy and chilly in the north, and hot in the south. For a fan of any of those types of weather, the northern West Coast is the perfect location to find the former. Starting in the north, Seattle, Washington, is notorious for its year-round rainy weather. The most recognizable point in Seattle is the Space Needle, where you can get panoramic views of the city from the observation deck, 500 feet from the ground. At Pike Place Fish Market, fishmongers catch and throw the daily catch between each other as customers place orders for salmon three feet in length. Unlike much of Southern California, San Francisco is one of the chillier cities in the state. Although the term 'chilly' to many refers to temperatures cooler than 50 degrees, in California, anything below 85 is considered cold. San Francisco lies right next to the bay, where the freezing cold waters were used in an attempt to prevent infamous Alcatraz prisoners from escaping. Los Angeles is usually hot and not humid and is…

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How can a retired couple travel the west coast and save money?

Our son graduates college in May. Our plans are to sell the house and travel for a while. We've never been on the west coast and plan on taking 3 or 4 months to do so. Not sure the best way to go about this. We plan on renting a RV for a month or so, just not sure we can do it the whole time. Any suggestions?

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You should get in touch with some of our bloggers at Technomadia - they're RVers and know LOADS about the RV community and the 'how tos and don'ts'. Good luck!

I want to see the west

I live in Mass and my friend lives in Ohio. Question would it be better if I fly to Ohio then rent a car and drive to WA down to San Diego then we both fly back to our homes? How much time would be needed to see all of this area? Would 3 weeks be enough time? What highlights would you recommend?


Yellowstone and Seattle vs Grand Canyon and Yosemite

My husband and I are looking into 2 vacation options: Seattle vs Las Vegas. We are into hiking and nature and will be renting a car. The trip will be about 2 weeks long. We live in the Middle East (and therefore have a slight aversion to heat and sand on vacation...) and so this will be our only chance to go out West for many many years, if ever again. This vacation will be in early September.

Which do people suggest, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and a road trip to Yellowstone? Or base ourselves in Vegas or LA and visit the Grand Canyon and Yosemite? Is it realistic in only 2 weeks to reach San Francisco too, if we go with option #2? Is Vancouver realistic and/or worthwhile if we go with option #1?


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Hanna, you must remember how far things are away from one another here in the US. It is something that Europeans and Mid-Easterners don't realize sometimes. You could drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon's north rim in about five hours, or to LA or San Diego in the same amount of time. San Francisco is nearly 7 hours away from LA by car.

Yellowstone may be out of the question as it is 13 hours drive from Seattle. Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens are within 2 hours of Seattle (depending on traffic, of course). Portland is within 3 hours. Vancouver is 3 hours north of Seattle with traffic. If you want a change of scenery from sand and sun, I would suggest the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, Vancouver). There's terrific wine country, San Juan islands, Victoria, etc.

I´ll appreciate all comments and suggestion, ´cuase has been a long time since I had that trip. And believe me, it was breathtakin!!! still is...

maps, hotels, dinner, etc...

as a child a travel from southern califonia(san diego)ans took the west coast till wsahington state (Multnomah Falls)then I remember a restaurant-not the name-just remember looked as a barn and the make their own cinnamon rolls(fresh from the oven!!!), anyways, after WA, we went down till idaho,arizon and Nevada (stood in vegas. My q´s is what road do I take and where could i stay to repeat this amazing trip I took as a child? I want my own family to expierence it too!!!

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Maybe the best thing to do would be to ask your parents? Or whoever took you on that trip? There are a couple of different ways to do it as I'm sure you can see from the maps.

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