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Sacred Valley, Peru

  • Photo of Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Photo of Sacred Valley, Peru
Photo of Sacred Valley, Peru
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  • Five Days in Cusco

    For the ancient Incas Cusco was the centre of the world – which is why they called it the 'belly button' – for the Spanish conquistadors it was the 'City of Gold', but for most modern visitors it represents the 'Gateway to Machu Picchu'. Cusco deserv

  • Four days on the Inca Trail

    There are many ways to journey to Machu Picchu. You can catch the Hiram Bingham train all the way, walk along the railway tracks in a day and catch the bus up the hill, ride horses in via the Sacred Valley, arrive via helicopter, spend weeks trekking in

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No doubt there are wonderful places around the world to know ... And if it is in South America, we must remember to Peru, the land of the Inca Empire ...

Thanks people. I am fully aware it is near impossible to get a place on the inca trek unless with an organised company. i think lots of the english tour companies bulk buy in advance as places are available from August onwards.

I actually want to do it in a group anyway but keen to hear peoples experiences of groups as the one i was initially keen on read very bad reviews. obviously if i just do the inca trail i can't really go wrong but not sure about the rest of peru if to do by company or on own, company seems expensive hotel stays rather than hostels etc.

Thanks for the advise though will be sure to consider it!

the inca trail and tours over Christmas / New YEar


wondering if anyone can advise, i am thinking of doing the inca trail with a tour company such as FAP Adventures throught STA Travel or SAS or Real Gap or Andrean Trails (a scottish company)and wondered if anyone can recommend a company.

Also if its best just to do the inca trail witht he tour company or if to plan the rest of my tour in peru with the tour company or if i would be better playing this by ear.

Also is December/Jan a bad time of year in Peru?

2 Replies

Hi Elaine - it can be wet in Dec, but good temperature. Slightly dryer Oct/Nov. I've heard Andean Trails are good. If you have the budget, why not get them to organise everything - saves hassle, unless you like winging it when you get there!

Only a certain number of people are allowed on the Inca Trail at any time - so you have to have a slot to walk it. If you're wanting to go this year you're not going to have a choice, all the independent travellers positions will most likely be taken by now, you'll have to shop around for a tour company with places still available. I'd actually suggest you look into alternative trails. The Inca Trail can be quite busy, with each camp site along the route full every day and people queuing to get into the gates of Machu Picchu every morning. This one for example: You could still do that on your own or travel in an organised group if you'd prefer. You DEFINITELY won't be able to 'wing it when you get there'!

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