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Photo of Morocco
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Where Africa, Europe and the Arab World meet, Morocco has always had a reputation for causing intoxication. Could be the strange spices or the incense that fills the air of the markets and drifts outwards, or it could be the maddening deserts or bare but beautiful orange mountains.

The cities on the sea have a warm African flavour, perfect for relaxing in an exotic setting, but the interior is dominated by the rugged fissures and ridges of the Atlas Mountains, perfect for an adventure.

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Amazing Morocco Experience!

I've always wanted to see Morocco, however, I could never quite fit it in my travels. As my teenage children and I were finishing our plans for a European vacation, I told them that I wanted to see Morocco and they begrudgingly agreed to allow me to schedule a few days for us there.

With only a few days in the country, I wanted to see as much as possible so I looked up reviews for tour operator in Morocco and found Morocco Expert Tours. I sent a request for information and within hours I had a reply from Youssef. He was so helpful making suggestions and planning arrangements. We emailed several times and firmed up plans to see some highlights of the country in our four short days.

Upon our arrival in Casablanca, Hamid (Youssef's brother) was there waiting for us at the airport. He was so patient with us as we got our luggage, went to the ATM, and got our bearings. We set off for our first adventure in Marrakech. While on the road he was so pleasant and answered so many questions from myself and my teenage children. It was such a nice cultural exchange. The next day we woke for a wonderful walking tour with a local guide named Youssef (not Hamid's brother). He showed us around all the shops in the Souk and introduced us to some of the artisans. The tour was only supposed to last half the day, but we were so interested and we were having such a great time, he stayed with us until evening!

The next morning, Hamid was there waiting for us at our hotel and we were off to Essaouira. He stopped along the way so that we could see the goats in the Aragon trees and a stunning view of the city and the Atlantic river. He got us settled into our hotel room and the next day was truly a highlight of the tour. Hamid realized that we were more interested in seeing more of the local flair and not the 'touristy' parts, so he took us to a local fish market where you choose your fish and they grill it on the spot for you. Then he wisked us away to the beach so we could get a ride on a camel (at the request of my teenagers) and then took us to a very special quiet place on the beach for the most relaxing afternoon in my adult life. He introduced us to a magical side of Morocco - away from the crowds and the souks. It was amazing.

We concluded our trip in Casablanca. On the way, Hamid took us to a small town where the locals made the most delectable lamb I've ever had in my life. It was so nice seeing a 'real' side to Morocco and it made us fall in love with it. Hamid was very in tune with what we wanted to see and experience and taking us 'off the beaten track' is what made the trip so special.

While in Casablanca it was nice to see Rick's Cafe. The highlight was seeing the Hassan II Mosque. We had a little time before the going back to the airport, so he stopped by the mall so the children could see another side to such a diverse country. Again, another thoughtful gesture.

The children and I have been in Spain, France, and the UK since Morocco, and I can honestly say that we wish we would have stayed in Morocco the entire time. We talk about how much we adore Hamid and how open and candid he was with our questions and concerns. His thoughtfulness and helpfulness made the trip so enjoyable for us. In fact, I bought more items in the souk than I planned when I was in Morocco and he is making arrangements to have the items sent home the same time I'll be back in America!

This experience left me wanting so much more. My husband and I are planning a trip next year and we will be booking with Youssef and Hamid again. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

whats the climate like in july

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Here's a page with weather information: It's basically hot, sunny and dry.

Discover the magic of Morocco

The Saharan sands and Mediterranean coastline of Morocco make it a fabulous place to take in a romantic atmosphere whilst experiencing rich culture filled with historic traditions.

Despite its close proximity to Europe, Morocco is a world away. The capital, Marrakech is an exotic, colourful and mysterious city buzzing with life, charm and character – a place which floods the senses with colourful and overwhelming sights, sounds and smells. Marrakech is also rich in history and culture. The Atlas Mountains (just 30km south of Marrakech) are undoubtedly the most beautiful and compelling part of this diverse land. It is a wonderful spot for trekking, hot air ballooning and 4x4 driving.

The diversity of the areas makes Morocco the perfect honeymoon destination for those wishing to combine a little culture and adventure.

hey went to cyprus last year in april with my partner, we just found it wasnt hot enough for us, this year we are going to go away in may for two weeks, was thinking about morocco (Agadir). want it to be special, nice and warm, but need to be doing it on the cheap!! well as cheap as possible? like to go all inc but also dont want to be going any lower than a 4* hotel. Can anyone help??! will Agadir be hot in may hopeing to go around 19th, which is a nice hotel? and do you know and good cheap sites? if anyone has any other destination suggestions that will be good, not totally decided on morocco yet... Help???!

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Have a look at our articles for Where to go in May

and Where's hot in May for ideas?

Staying in the Clubhotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie in September. Its not long opened, so should be nice!

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Hi Morga - please let us know what it's like after you've stayed.

Which are the best hotels in Marrakech

If possible the web addresses of at least two. Thanks.

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Hi Alan. Here's a link to a list of the hotels we recommend in Marrakech, there are links at the bottom of each one:

Climate in April

What are the maximum and minimum daily temperatures through April in Agadir?

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Have a look at our <a href="">World Weather Guide</a> for the average temperatures.

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