Middle East

Top destinations in Middle East

  • Petra, Jordan

    Situated in mountainous terrain, the ancient city of Petra is an abandoned necropolis of temples and tombs cut into towering cliffs of red sandstone.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The city where steely, futuristic buildings rise out of the sand. Fast-paced, constantly expanding and always sophisticated.

  • Lebanon

    Lebanon mixes beauty with danger, the past and the present, isolation and congestion.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

    The last stronghold of the Roman Empire and once the centre of the great Byzantine empire, the city of Istanbul (Constantinople as was) has a past of siege, conquest, east-west trade and immense riches. Today Istanbul retains this rich heritage in...

  • Turkey

    Country of varied holiday choice, Turkey’s charming shores have been contested over for hundreds of years and it wasn’t just the pretty coastline and warm Mediterranean waters Alexander the Great, the Trojans and the Ottoman Empire were fighting...

  • Dalaman, Turkey

    Dalaman is conveniently located for the ‘fountain of youth’ mud and sulphur baths of Dalyan and some fascinating ancient sites. It’s also on the Dalaman River, a worthy opponent for white water rafters.

  • Oman

    In Oman there's not a soul for miles, the isolation is a change from the bustling tourist zones, and the sound of waves crashing on the shore is the only noise mingling with the breeze.

  • Jordan

    Virtually every place you set your feet in this desert kingdom has a story, whether it be mythical, religious, political or historical.

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