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Bavaria, Germany

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Fave. Trip

Bavaria is a great place to go as a family. I have been to many countries but my first ever trip over seas was to Bavaria with my family when I was 13. This trip enchanted me and has stayed with me through my various other travels as my first. This trip remains in my heart as my love of traveling has grown as well as my list of places I have gone.

Bavaria holds many of the traditions and items that you think of when you hear Germany. Beer, leiderhosen, scnitzel, the alps, concentration camps and Neuschwanstein. On my first trip we stayed in Munich and Berchtesgaden. My family had already been to Germany many times and assured me it was their all time favorite place. While we were there we enjoyed all the fine tastes of Germany as well as some of my parents favorite places to go while there.

We went to the place of my parents engagement, Neuschwanstein Castle. A beautiful castle that was the inspiration for the Cinderella Castle for Disney. We climbed up the large hill and were taken back in the history of the world as well as the history of my family.

We also visited Dachau, which is about 40 minutes outside of Munich to visit one of the many concentration camps of world war two that devastated many. It was a sad visit but one of great learning and understanding. It had a strong impact and helped me develop skills at a young age to understand the sadness and devastation that is possible during times of turmoil.

Wieskirche located Steingarden was another site that my family found important to our stay. This church is located in a small, off the beaten path, area. It is a beautiful and pristine white church which on the inside is decorated in beautiful gold paintings.

The food we ate while on this trip was probably my parents favorite part of the trip. This trip was when I first discovered my love for Spatzel, a homemade noodle usually dressed in gravy-like sauce and served as a side dish. I could not get enough and I had these noodles wherever we went. My parents loved schnitzel and french fries while I opted for my big bowl of Spatzel every night. The breakfast was also worth noting because the Germans do this particularly amazing. Typically, we had huge breakfasts with eggs, bread, hot chocolate, coffee, yogurt, fruit, lunch meats and many more. Breakfast was among the favorites of our travels and another reason why my parents love Bavaria so much.

I have been back to Munich and Bavaria many times since my first trip and it still remains one of my favorites. Between the memories I have made there, the things there are to do and what remains to be discovered I enjoy every visit back. This is an essential spot in Europe to visit and I would recommend it to any adventurer.

Best place for beer and food

Bavaria is my favorite part of Germany for many reasons. There is great food there like schnitzel, spatzle, pretzels and bratwurst. There is also great beer served in huge amounts.

There is also the Christmas Markets in this area, which are also in other areas but it is especially good here.

Bavaria is Germany’s largest federal state and one of its most popular tourist destinations. Bavaria is undoubtedly the prime holiday destination in Germany, no matter at what time of the year you come for a visit. Its attractions are its scenic beauty and nature, its romantic castles and medieval towns. I went to Bavaria last year and it is amazing experience.

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