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  • Photo of Fiji
  • Photo of Fiji
Photo of Fiji
Photo by Dave and Deb

Fijian’s like to use the proverb, “life is like this: sometimes sun, sometimes rain”. To experience Fiji is to immerse yourself in its varied way of life; it's a hybrid of adventure and relaxation marooned in the mythical southern seas. Travel here, and you will arrive at one of the last great truly, unspoiled paradises. The sands of this sugar cane republic harbour images and fantasies only seen in Joseph Conrad novellas and old Eroll Flynn films.

The long journey over seems to slow down time; enveloping you in a tropical Eden, comprising lush coral reefs, just waiting for their carnival of marine life to be explored. Wherever you choose to land on this archipelago, your steamer ferry arrives into a blue lagoon, barefoot pilots delivering watermelons and guitar strings to the nearest villages. Its Fijian and Hindu cultures are renowned for their hospitality. Sip Kava from a tanoa bowl with the locals, a drink once used in spiritual ceremonies and recline upon the white sand a…

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“A bit about the history”

Before the missionaries dared to enter Fiji, the tribes were a fierce people of cannibals that were at constant war. Explorers never stopped in Fiji and continued on to New Zealand as they heard about the people that ate other people on this faraway lan… Read more...

Written by  Dave and Deb. Read more about Dave and Deb's time in Fiji

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We'll be in Fiji in April and I'm keen to take the other half wakeboarding as a birthday present.

We're staying in Natadola and would love someone near there. Can anyone recommend somewhere to book or the best place to head to hire?

Unlike anywhere else

Fiji is a beautiful country in the Pacific Ocean that is pretty much all by itself. This goes for both culture and scenary. It is relatively close to Australia but is nothing like it. The landscape of Fiji is beautiful with both oceans and green tropical fields. They also have exotic animals and plants all around it.

Many of its inhabitants live in small villages in cottages and are very poor. During my stay I was in a resort, which was beautiful, but did not mirror the culture very well. We had to take a bus outside of our area to get to where the "real" people were.

Fiji is a land unlike any other and should be seen by any curious traveller looking for adventure.

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What island is best for great snorkeling from the beach?

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