Top destinations in Europe

  • London, United Kingdom

    London is arguably now the most exciting city in the world. Well, it depends of course what you are coming for - but for variety of art, restaurants, theatre, museums, green space and sheer energy - London has a charm that is hard to resist.

  • Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona is a city teeming with sexy fashion, sultry nightlife and mouth-watering food. But the city’s rich history also lends Barcelona a world-class art scene and architecture worthy of a postcard.

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

    The relics of ancient palaces in St. Petersburg conjure up images of a long-forgotten city, but elegant St. Petersburg has recently made a comeback – transforming itself with hip music, restaurants and art.

  • Paris, France

    Paris conjures up sidewalk cafes, great art, chic women and romantic weekends. Browse here too for antiques and Left Bank fashion, and stay in charming hotels.

  • Rome, Italy

    Perhaps the most impressive city in the world - at least for those with any sense of history. A magical place of multiple civilisations that repays visiting many times over.

  • Athens, Greece

    A busy, bustling cosmopolitan city flecked with the memories of ancient splendor. Browse the Parthenon then amble around the corner for hip coffee shops and raucous nightclubs.

  • Seville, Spain

    In Seville, visitors will wander through ancient streets while being serenaded by strolling guitarists, greeted by gypsies and lured by the sweet smell of orange blossoms.

  • West Country, United Kingdom

    The West Country is as quaint as it is rural, with just a few larger cities to interrupt the green sprawling English countryside and catch a wandering visitor’s attention for a few hours before they head back to the sprawling farmland.

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