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Cape Verde

  • Photo of Cape Verde
  • Road from Praia grande to Baia des Gates
  • Topim -beach without any people
  • Road to Topim beach
  • Praia de Palha- empty awsome beach
Photo of Cape Verde
Photo by flickr user F H Mira

Ten islands make up Cape Verde – a sunny state off the coast of West Africa. Despite the name this isn't a particularly green place, there's not a lot of rain and it's more rock coloured. It's a culturally colourful place though, with a history flavoured by Creole and Portuguese colonizers.

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A particular traveller cape verde

Myself and the other half like

Beach front accommodation

Nudist or very quite secluded spots on the beach?

Walking distance. 2 miles to the town where we can drink and listen to live music and eat cheap local food. Best deals for late November. Hire bikes.

If self catering which in dont mind at all, a supermarket close by, villa with a pool maybe?

Is there a better side to the islands,ie less windy?

Also a question, is it expensive in Cape Verde?

Do i sound fussy lol?

Are the beaches clothing optional????

We want to spend our honeymoon in Cape Verde in late October / early November. Which is the best island for a good all round cultural experience?

Insects in November 2013

Hi, we are going to Boa Vista "rui tourage" hotel on the 08/11/2013, after reading all the comments on trip/advisor about people being bitten badly lately we are really worried about when we go, is there anyone out there with any info about what it will be like in November for us, thanks deb

Is kitesurfing possible in July on Sal or Boavista

Hi we want to go to Sal and Boavista in July but now saw that some kitesurfing schools are closed in the summer months. are there any schools open and is it possible to kitesurf nevertheless?

Hi, I'm heading to sal rei in 5 weeks and finding difficulty getting general prices for food and eating out, eg how much would a meal for 2 cost ( mid range) or a weekly shop compared to uk as I'm going self catering, also is there an ATM?



Looking for a hot sun holiday in early January


Looking to escape this miserable weather here in the UK, Cape Verde keeps popping up on all searches, but as 2 sun lovers, am concerned it may not be hot enough... i can see the average temp is 24... is this beach/pool weather?

any advice would be much appreciated as have found a great deal and would love to visit this island!



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Obviously if you want real sun and heat you need to go to the southern hemisphere, but if cost is an obstacle and you're based in the UK then places like Cape Verde and Malta are good options.

Prices out of the resorts

I'm thinking about taking a trip for some winter sun in Jan/Feb 2013, if we can get some pennies saved up somehow in the meantime! Me and my girlfriend wouldnt necessarily want to go full board at a resort, we like to eat in nice little local places where possible,but we cant seem to find any mention of how much the basics cost outside the resorts. Can anyone give us an idea of the price of, for example: lunch at a non-fancy cafe, a beer or a cocktail, and (if we're really lucky!) a nice seafood dinner!

Thanks for your help :)


Hi, I'm going on holiday to Santa Maria in October. Has anyone taking the trip to Fogo? If so is it suitable for an 7 year old? Also is best book with tour operator prior to going or book once we are there (First Choice is £344.98 for 1 adult & 1 child).

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cape verde is suitable for 7 year old.i go to fogo all the time.just keep ur child away from kids and certain people .other than that cape verde is a amazing place with outstanding foods

Cape Verde is just within the 'Short Haul' range. We flew from Gatwick to Boa Vista. On the return flight, the wind direction meant that the Captain could n't take the full amount of fuel due to the weight so we had to land in Faro, Portugal, to refuel on the way home but it was no problem.

If you like " Barren" you will love Boa Vista

There is nothing I dislike about Boa Vista. It can be quite windy and the sea can be very rough, too rough to swim, but on those days you can use the hotel pools after a good walk along the beach.

We stayed at the Riu Karumboa which was superb. But I felt as though I was trapped in a palace and wanted to get out to meet local people.

The hotel is about 20 mins from the local town by taxi or you can walk along the beach which takes about an hour.

The town can be a bit of a culture shock for those not used to seeing third world countries. The people are friendly and want you to spend money in their shops so be firm but polite if you don't want to go into the shops.

Gifts and items in the hotel shops are probably 4 time the cost at home so make sure you take every item that you are likely to need if you don't want to pay the prices charged by foriegn vendors at the hotel, what you don't use you can leave for the maid or other staff. Take some small educational equippent eg pens, colouring pens there is advice about items to take for schools etc.

Theres not much in the way of attractions except the natural world all round you so get out there and enjoy!

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Thanks for your insight, not quite what I expected so good to read.

I will be going to Boa Vista for the second time, it has the best beaches I have ever seen!

Can anyone clarify the situation on naturism


Me and my wife love the sun and to visit places but also we love to relax on the beach in the afternoon. We prefer to sun bathe and swim naked. Is trhis possible on Cap Verde and will it be warm enough in mid Feb.? The Canaries suit us perfectly on October but don't loo sa if will be warm enough in Feb. Never been on this ite before. I am on bjohna at hotmail dot co dot uk

Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in boa vista in November?

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check out

as anyone been to Boa Vista in september? does it rain a lot???

Hi there, im thinking about visiting cape verde islands in first two weeks in june, we are taking our 11 year old daughter. Is it safe there i have heard about flies and cats in hotels can anyone advise me thanks.

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Hi there it will be fine. Flies tend to come after the rain - if there is any and that tends to be August or September - not June. As for cats - they are very shy of people and normally you only see tem from a distance. If some hotels have them its possible but they are still very scared of people. I hope that helps. Helen

What is the weather like in July

I'm looking to book me and my girlfriends first holiday together and want it to be perfect and would really like to hear from people who have been many thanks

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Hi Mark - wow this is a personal thing - what makes for a perfect holiday for you? What one person loves another hates. Tell me what you are looking for and I can give you some more feedback if you like. Helen

How's the weather at that time of year?

Hi Helen thanks for the reply when I say perfect I mean I just want the weather to be good and for us to be able to really relax (we both work shifts and live in different parts of the uk). I'm interested in cape verde as neither of us has been there before.

Hi Mark the weather will be glorious - you are guaranteed sunshine and fab beaches. If you decide to go all inclusive I would urge you to get out of the hotel complex and enjoy Santa Maria - the beaches are even better in town, Blu bar does the best cocktails and live music on the island and the Italian Ice cream is delicious. If you want to do excursions - book them yourselves in town and they will be at least 30% cheaper. You will have a great time and its THE pleace to chill out. Helen


I'm thinking of going back to Cape Verde but have looked at the temp in sept which says its the rainy season - has anyone been in sept?

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Hi Katie - I am here all the time and we really don't have a rainy season as you might imagine it. We may get the odd day of tropical rain but it is till very warm and as soon as it passes it dries up quickly. However if you want to be assurred of no rain then avoid august and sept. Personally I don't think its a problem.

Will I die in Cap verde ?

Hello !

I don't really mean that question literally, I just want to know, according to people who have been there, how they felt about the whole mosquito / malaria threat. Did you do a preventive treatment ? Was it hard not to get bitten ? Can I just go like that and probably won't get malaria ? What do you recommend ?

Thanks ! :)

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Hi there are you talking about visiting all of the islands or mainly Sal and Boa Vista - the main tourist destinations? I have never taken malaria tablets or known any one else take them either. There are very few times when you get mosquitos at all and as far as I have been told they are not malaria carrying. If there is any rain and that tends to be Aug/ Sept then there are more flies and mosquitos otherwise you don't notice much. Some people seem to get bitten more easily than others where ever they go. I would suggest that you buy off the shelf insect repellant and spray yourself with that. I hope that helps. Helen

Has anyone spent a beach holiday in Cape Verde in early February? If so which island,was it hot?

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Hi If you are looking for a beach holiday with good night life, restaurants and bars then Sal is the best island by far. February is lovely and warm around 24C but there is more breeze so at night it pays to have a light weight fleece or jumper just in case. Most people don't need it but ......

Hi Helen, thanks so much for responding. We are really looking for sun and wonder if 24 is the average temp? or if it is sometimes quite a lot warmer, as we'd prefer that? We're not so worried about night life, but good restaurants are a must. B & B, not all inclusive, I assume is best. Thanks so much, Marti

Hi Marti

It can be warmer but 24 is average and compared to the UK at that time it will feel really warm. It's on the same latitude as the Caribean so you can expect similar temperatures. Sal is your best bet for good restaurants and great fish - if you want some recommendation s please let me know. I would say though that the Cape Verde Islands are still a new destination they are not like the Canaries they have their own personality, a mix of Africa, Brazil, Portugal and they are developing. I love it. Let me know if I can help some more. Helen

There are no fish markets as such but if you go tothe pier at Santa Maria in the morning when they land their catch you will see a spectacular sight. They clean and sell the fish on the pier.

For walking Fogo and Santo Antao and Sao Nicolau are lovely.

I am thinking of going to Cape Verde at the end of September and am worried about the weather

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The weather will be lovely - don't worry - you won't even need a jumper in the evenings at that time.

Has anyone spent a beach holiday in Cape Verde in early February? If so which island,was it hot?

I'm looking to book me and my girlfriends first holiday together and want it to be perfect and would really like to hear from people who have been many thanks

What is there to do if you are like me and get bored of beaches after about three days?

I'm not very sporty, don't do getting wet, and would like to know what sights there are to see.

If anyone's been here and toured the area a bit, can i pick your brains?

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There are lots of wonderful walking trails into the interior? Cape Verde is also known for the traditional music.

Hi it depends which island you are going to. The most touristic is Sal and there are no interesting walks in the interior there.

If you get bored take an island tour and see the old salt mines in the extinct volcano or a bus to Espargos and see how the locals live. Santa Maria is great to walk around and buy souveniers and the Pier is a great place to see the fisherman bring in their catch. You can try a turtle walk or grab a beer by the beach and people watch.

This is a chill out place to visit so do just that and enjoy!

Are there fish markets as well? Which islands are interesting for walkers? I'd heard that was a good thing to do there as well. Thanks

Hello ! Will I die in Cape Verde?

I don't really mean that question literally, I just want to know, according to people who have been there, how they felt about the whole mosquito / malaria threat. Did you do a preventive treatment? Was it hard not to get bitten? Can I just go like that and probably won't get malaria? What do you recommend?

Thanks! :)

Blu bar

Blu is a great cocktail & wine bar situated in the centre of Santa Maria close to the square and behind the church. Without doubt the most stylish bar on the island. The staff are friendly and make you feel very welcome. They have live music, happy hour and much more... don't miss it.

travel time

How long is the flight to Cape Verde from Heathrow?

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It's 5.5 hours often a little longer going there and shorter going back.

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