Are you an expert?

Are you an expert or travel enthusiast who has detailed and reliable knowledge of travel experiences in a particular category - which you are willing to share with us? If so, we would love to hear from you! Please email details of what you can offer to Kat Mackintosh, at

For every experience that you review (you need to send them to us rather than simply post as a user, so we can assess your level of expertise), we will create, free of charge, a profile of you as an expert, with direct links to your website(s) if you have one - provided we are satisfied you are an expert with specialist knowledge, and provided you can send us a minimum of ten experiences. Please see the guidelines below regarding the sorts of review we need.

If you have expertise in a category we do not currently cover, do let us know. We will certainly consider creating a new category if what you have to offer is compelling - for example we have recently received content from someone who is a specialist in tall ships and their home ports, as well as someone else who has mapped famous film locations, and UFO sightings. A specialist travel passion, to be sure - but there are alot of people out there who would like to find out about this kind of stuff.

Review Guidelines

Ideal review length is 100-200 words. Reviews should be specific to the experience, and explain why you feel the experience is one of the best in your category. Ideally the first sentence should summarise how the experience is special (this is the sentence that appears on the search results, and which will entice readers to click to view it), before the rest of the review goes into more detailed description.

Readers are looking for enthusiasm and passion in recommendations, that will prompt them to research further. They are also looking for honesty - reviews should spell out limitations of experiences as well as the highlights.

Please also tell us whether there is an optimum time of year to enjoy the experience.

Last, please do not write about any products or services that you may offer regarding the experience - is not a marketing brochure. You will have the opportunity to summarise these on your profile page, along with links to your website. If you are interested in more specific advertising opportunities, please email

We look forward to hearing from you!